Queens Diamond Jubilee River Pageant Belfry Tower

The Belfry Tower stands approx 5.400m tall & has a footprint of 6.300m x 5.800m.
The frame weighing in at 7.300 tonnes, will be fitted with Handrails, Flooring (to both Upper & lower decks) & 8 No; Bells, specially cast by the Whitechapel Bell Foundry for the City church of St James Garlickhythe (& named after eight members of the Royal family) – will weigh a total of approx 10.900 tonnes.

A bespoke Lifting frame has also been constructed, measuring approx 4.500m x 3.400m & weighing in at just under 1.000 tonne.
This has been tested to 20 tonnes & will be used to spread the load of the Belfry as it is lifted onto a traditional Thames barge – the 82ft Olympic Class Ursula Katherine.

The Belfry components will be transported to a Kent quay & assembled on the dockside, where the eight bells will be installed & the structure craned onto the barge.

The barge, as lead vessel or “herald” for the procession will then be adorned with red and gold decorations, designed by Philippa Broadhurst, former art director for the ITV hit Downton Abbey.

On Sunday June 3rd 2012 & at high tide, the barge will be pushed by a tug (at a speed of between 4 and 6 knots) as the 7½ mile long flotilla makes it’s way down the Thames from Battersea Bridge to Tower Bridge.
As lead vessel or ‘herald’ for the entire procession of 1,000 vessels, the bell tower – which has been designed just tall enough to pass under the bridges, will house the eight bells hung for full circle ringing, swinging in the same direction as the length of the boat.

The Royal Jubilee Bellringers will be formed by members of the Ancient Society of College Youths, captained by Chief Bellringer Dickon Love.

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